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About Rhythmahope


Hello all !

Thanks for visiting our site. Hope you proceed to learn a bit more about what we do and why we do.

Rhop is my vision to create hope for those with special needs. Such as myself, to live a meaningful life. If our Rhop shop progress to success, it will become an aspiration for those with restricted capabilities. My vision is to prove that we can live with a purpose and become financially independent

Our products are hand crafted, made out of environment friendly material like paints created from Vegetable Dyes, Handmade Paper, Re-purposed Wood, Jute, Terracotta Clay, Ceramic Clay as well as Handcrafted Brass Accessories in her collection. The product range comprises of Dhokra-Warli Painting, home décor, lamp and other Utility Items. Our products are so vibrant and eclectic and colourful that they can liven up any nook or cranny of your home.

By supporting me on this endeavour, you also be supporting tribes in India as well as CP kids as 10% of our revenue will go towards them. And last but not least this will bring a hope to them for they are not disable , but differently able.